COVID-19 UPDATE (as of 8/23/2020):

Although there is a lot of good news out there regarding COVID-19, there remains the concern for large gatherings where recommended physical distancing cannot be maintained. In the spirit of ensuring the safety for all involved, we have determined we will cancel the Friday Fun Night activities we had planned. We also will not have food trucks on site as Fr. Mike mentioned in his video message early this week. We cannot wait to bring all of it back next year, truly even bigger and better than before!

That said, not all is lost! The contest WILL CONTINUE AS PLANNED. We are working with the teams and revising plans to ensure we have a successful contest. We are also adding teams because the interest remains strong. If you are interested in competing, we have a place for you! With our 12 acre campus, there is plenty of room for BBQ teams!

In addition, the Knights of Columbus, along with That Man is You (TMIY) and the Do Dads, have teamed up to bring another curbside dinner option to you. The link below will give our community another opportunity to adopt a pork shoulder. All of this will help offset expenses incurred by the BBQ event as well as fund the extra COVID-related expenses incurred by the parish and school.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or comment below. We look forward to having a successful BBQ on August 28th-29th!

Troy Sheeley
President, St. James Do Dads


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